User's Guide Rebis: instructions_nl.pdf

REBIS = the Regionaal Economisch Bedrijventerrein Informatie Systeem (Regional Economic Business Park Information System) of the Province of Limburg. This is a system in which information about all Limburg business parks or work locations is collected.

A great deal of information about Limburg business parks is registered in REBIS. A distinction is made between information about parks and information about plots of land.

You can find details about the location, price and accessibility of the parks, but also about the businesses that have been set up there, the employment opportunities and the characteristics of the parks.

The information relating to plots includes details of the surface area, availability and technical data.

The system also contains information about policy-related aspects such as the quality of the parks and restructuring issues.

If you are interested in setting up a business at one of the Limburg parks, the system also includes the details of who you can contact for the development, sale or lease of the plots of land on the business parks in question.

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